In the past, Ms. Thomson felt that the designs for her books were too cluttered and complicated, so she wanted to try a simpler layout.  Therefore, I designed the book's interior to to clean and organized, while keeping in mind that there should not be too much text on one page, since there was so much information that could get overwhelming easily if the pages were entirely filled up.  In addition, Ms. Thomson and I felt that small icons to begin each chapter and exploration would make the layout a bit more interesting and compliment the text nicely. 
I think the biggest challenge was to create something that was appealing to the client as well as myself.  I initially had some cover and chapter icon variations that I felt fit the calming yet uplifting feel of this book. I wanted to keep things simple and minimal so the viewer would not get overwhelmed.  However, there were a lot of elements that Ms. Thomson wanted to be included in the cover and interior that were important to her, including grass, footprints, flowers, a magnifying glass, large text and various textures.  I created a lot of different variations to try to figure out how I could create a visually pleasing and eye catching design while also keeping in mind what she wanted.  I realized that I needed to put some of my own preferences aside and think about the significance of each element in the cover and interior.  In the end, we ended up with a design that was not too complicated and cluttered, but also had all of the elements that she was looking for.
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