For this project, I started off with analyzing the grids and layouts of different magazine spreads. Seeing how other designers organized their spreads helped me get a better idea of how to create my magazine spreads. I wanted to be experimental with this project so I sketched a lot of different magazine layouts, not allowing myself to be limited by the crease and the size of the spread.  I wanted to create something that you wouldn't normally see everyday. I chose to create a fashion magazine because I admired how clean and elegant the layouts looked in a lot of the examples I saw. I made a lot of different variations to try to achieve that look and feel but I wanted to give it a unique twist.  I was working with photo imagery at first but then decided to feature some of my hand-drawn illustrations for my final spread because it was somewhat different from the magazines I would normally see. I also  felt that doing this would help accentuate that elegant feel that I was trying to achieve. 
Headline typeface by Brittney Murphy Design      
Article by Vince Quevedo                                              

(image from Wikimedia Commons)
(image from, fashion photography by Robert Jaso)
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